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Banks PowerPack System for Motorhomes, RVs

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TitleBanks PowerPack System for Motorhomes, RVs
Part Detailed Description
Gas Motorhome Performance Upgrade - Intake and Exhaust Complete System.  Remove airflow restrictions with complete intake and exhaust system plus advanced programming for up to +56 hp and +70 lb-ft, 7% more MPG and optimum engine efficiency. This Covers a Variety of Gas Chassis Motorhomes, Class A and C.
Please Note that these Prices are for a Complete System.  Individual Components can be purchased (Intake Only, Exhaust Only) and Individual Prices will have to be researched for Value.  Banks PowerPack Systems use a 5 Digit Part Number.  If there is an Individual Part Number Provided, Please Research this for Exact Value.  Most Banks Systems are very close in Price Due to Selling Company Price Restrictions.  Please Note Type of Engine (Ford V8, Ford V10 6.8L, Chevrolet, Workhorse) for More Exact Values.  This System is invisible on a Motorhome, Please Look for the Logo shown below and contact SME if there are any questions.

Individual Components for the System have Brand Names such as Ram-Air System, Torque Tube Manifold System, Stinger Systems.  Look for these Keywords.

1993-1998 Ford V8 460 Gas Motorhome:  $1,993.86

1997-2005 Ford V10 6.8L Gas Motorhome:  $2.198.00

2001-2010 GM/Workhorse V8 8.1L Motorhome:  $2.049.00

1996-2000 Chevrolet V8 7.4L VORTEC Gas Motorhome  $2,198.80 (Price Will Cover Non-VORTEC Older Chassis 454 Chevrolet as Well)

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Value Range$1,993.86 - $2,198.80
Vehicle TypeRV
Part Manufacturer/BrandBanks PowerPack, Banks, Banks Power System, Banks
Part NameBanks PowerPack System
URL NameBanks-Power



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