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Common Maintenance Items

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TitleCommon Maintenance Items
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An item is considered to be a maintenance item if its replacement is due to the failure of the stock equipment. Additionally, many times items are replaced as normal maintenance but upgraded in the process. Typically, unless there is an exponential gain in performance or appeal, no additional value is added to the vehicle. The following list is comprised of typical items that are considered common maintenance. The list is extensive but not exclusive. Due to the vast amount of parts on a vehicle that could fail, there are many additional items that could be considered a maintenance item.  Note that these items apply to Motorized RVs as well.
·         AC system repair and charging·         Lock actuators
·         Axles·         Moldings
·         BCM or ECM (computers)·         Motor mounts
·         Body bushings·         Mufflers (unless upgraded)
·         Brake pads and rotors (unless upgraded)·         New shocks / struts
·         Brake shoes or drums·         O2 sensors
·         Carburetors (unless upgraded)·         Oil changes
·         Carpet·         Oil pans
·         Catalytic converters·         Radiator flushes
·         Clutches·         Rear ends (differentials)
·         Coil springs (unless part of a performance suspension or lowering kit)·         Replacement headliners
·         Ding and dent removal or rust repair·         Seat repair
·         Distributor caps·         Spark plugs and wires
·         Drive shafts or half shafts·         Starters
·         Exhaust pipes·         Strut bars/braces (unless upgraded or added AM)
·         Filters (air, oil, transmission, fuel)·         Sway bars
·         Fuel injectors·         Throttle body
·         Fuel lines·         Timing chains/belts
·         Fuel pumps·         Tire rotation
·         Fuel tanks·         Torque converters
·         Gaskets·         Transfer cases
·         Head gaskets·         Vacuum lines
·         Ignition coils·         Valve Convers
·         Ignition cylinders·         Valve jobs
·         Intake manifolds (unless upgraded)·         Wheel balancing
·         Interior trim·         Window seals
·         Leaf springs·         Windows / windshields
·         Lights or housings·         Wiper blades
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Vehicle TypePersonal Auto; RV
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Part NameCommon Maintenance Items
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