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Hydraulic Stabilizer Jacks

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TitleHydraulic Stabilizer Jacks
Part Detailed Description
Hydraulic Jacks - Automatic System..  Late model 5th wheel AMP Commonly found on higher end model RVs.  The Key to Recognizing the System are the Front Lift Jack Legs - they will Always be Round Hydraulic Tubes, Not Square like the Basic Front Lift System.  NADA has a Value Listed, can be depreciated from the published amount for accurate pricing (NADA includes Installation, New System Pricing is for the Kit with no Labor).  Please Contact SME with Any Questions regarding this System.  Some Manufacturers have an Upgrade for what is known as a 'Memory System' - this is an Upgrade that allows the Jack System to 'Remember' the tow vehicle's last height when the truck was detached.  Mentioned due to this system being a very recent upgrade.

User-added image

User-added image

An example of a retracted power stabilizer jack found on a RV is shown below.  This difference is clear from the manual stabilizer jack (no value add) also shown below.

User-added image
User-added image
Value RangeSee NADA by Year
Vehicle TypeRV
Part Manufacturer/BrandMultiple
Part NameHydraulic Jacks,, 6 Point Automatic Hydraulic Jacks 5th Wheel,
URL NameHydraulic-Stabilizer-Jacks



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