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Manual Point Satellite Dish

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TitleManual Point Satellite Dish
Part Detailed Description
Manual Point Satellite Dish commonly found on all types of RVs as well as Race Haulers and Horse Trailers.  This type of system is cranked up manually from inside of the vehicle and pointed by hand.  Not to be confused with an Auto Seek Satellite System.  (Note - on some older RVs, there are Auto Seek Dishes that look like Manual Types, if there is any Question, see SME for Specifics).  The Key Item to look for is the Exposed Dish and No Dome.  To Qualify as a True Manual Point Satellite Dish, It Must be Mounted to the Roof. 

(* Note - if the RV has a Dish Mounted to a Ladder or just sitting on the Ground and NOT Mounted to the Roof of the RV, this is a Residential Satellite Dish and it has No Additional Value - Please List it as 'Residential Satellite Dish - No Added Value)
User-added image
User-added image

>>>>>>>>>>>>  This is an Example of a Residential Dish that will Add no Value:

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Value RangeSee NADA RV by Year
Vehicle TypeRV; Trailer
Part Manufacturer/BrandMultiple
Part NameRV Manual Point RV Satellite Dish
URL NameManual-Point-Satellite-Dish



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