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Outdoor Grill, RVQ Grill

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TitleOutdoor Grill, RVQ Grill
Part Detailed Description
Outdoor Grill Commonly Used for Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels and on Occasion some Race Trailers.  RVQ Grill is the Common Brand Name but many Manufacturers sell Kits that are their own design and name but they are essentially the same Value.  Later Model RVs will have a Value in NADA that can be valued by the Loss Vehicle Year.  If there is no available NADA Value, Please use a Researched Price and Depreciate it based on the LV Year.  Generally, the Grill will include a Wall Mount.  A Bumper Swivel Mount or Table Mount may be added based on Customer Request or Photos Provided.  The Link Below has the Accessories and Prices Noted  as well.

  User-added image

User-added image

RVQ Grill

Value Range$229.00
Vehicle TypeRV; Trailer; Other
Part Manufacturer/BrandRVQ Outdoor Gas Grill
Part NameRVQ Outdoor Gas Grill
URL NameOutdoor-Grill-RVQ-Grill



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