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RV Outdoor Kitchen

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TitleRV Outdoor Kitchen
Part Detailed Description
RV Component Commonly found in Later Model Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels.  Outside or Outdoor Kitchen.  For Many Models, the Outdoor Kitchen is OEM so Research of the Factory Brochure and Floorplan will be Required.  However, on Some Models, the Outdoor Kitchen is an Option and the Price is usually set by the Selling Dealer, not the Manufacturer.  One Exception to this is Jayco RV - their Outdoor Kitchens are Optional and they do Provide a Price.  The Basic Kitchen usually consists of a Small Refrigerator, Sink and Possibly a Gas Grill (either in the Kitchen on Bumper Mounted on Some Forest River Products).  AMPs for the Kitchen can include a Microwave, Flat Screen TV, LCD TV* and an Additional Patio Awning so please be aware of these Components. 

* Please note the TV Can and Likely will be a separate Aftermarket Part - Value According to Size and Type in Addition to Outside Kitchen AMP.

Possible Source for Jayco Outdoor Kitchen Prices: (Click on Standards and Options Tabs, See SME if any Assistance Needed) - Please Document Source for any Prices used in Valuations

Jayco Brochures

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Value RangeMultiple - Please Research
Vehicle TypeRV; Trailer
Part Manufacturer/BrandMultiple (Manufacturer Specific)
Part NameOutdoor Kitchen
URL NameRV-Outdoor-Kitchen



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