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Trailer Breakaway System - Electric Brakes

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TitleTrailer Breakaway System - Electric Brakes
Part Detailed Description
Trailer Brake Safety System Used in the Event that the Trailer Becomes Detached for the Tow Vehicle

*NOTE* - If this Type of System is Present on a Trailer of any Type, This will Automatically Mean the Trailer is Equipped with Electric Brakes

This System Consists of a Stand-Alone Battery Mounted to the Frame (Front) that is Charged by the Tow Vehicle.  It is Directly Wired to the Electric Brakes with a Safety Switch Attached to a Small Cable that is attached to the Frame or Tow Hitch of the Tow Vehicle.  In the Event that the Trailer becomes detached from the Tow Vehicle, the Cable Pulls the Safety Switch and the Brakes are Automatically Activated by Breakaway System to Stop the Trailer.  On many trailers, this is an OEM Component. (On RVs, its almost Always OEM).  The Breakaway System can be Installed on Any Trailer with Electric Brakes. (Cargo, Utility, Landscape, Horse Trailer, Etc) as Long as there are Electric Brakes on the Axles.  To Help Identify the System, Look for Both the Cable Pictured Below and the Battery Mounted to the Front A-Frame of the Trailer.  Another Sign that the System is Present is the 7-Way Plug used for Trailer Wiring.  It will be a Heavy 1 Inch Cable. 

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User-added image
Prices for the System can be found on the Trailer Aftermarket Part Sheet.
Value RangeSee Trailer AMP Sheet
Vehicle TypeMarine; RV; Trailer; Other
Part Manufacturer/BrandMultiple
Part NameBreakaway System, Break Away System, Break Away Kit, Cargo, Utility, Landscape, Horse Trailer
URL NameTrailer-Breakaway-System



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