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How to modify Sentry Rule pop-up message display box

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Detalis outlining how to modify the pop-up text message information that is generated by Sentry Rules when opening bills.

To modify the text of the sentry message, you will need to do the following from within Administration Profiles:

1. In the specific profile where the sentry rule resides, select Sentry Rules from the list in the upper right-hand corner.
2. In the bottom right-hand corner under ‘Profile Rules’, select the specific sentry rule to be modified
3. Click 'Edit Rule' and go to the Action tab.
4. The action on the left-hand side of this tab will have a reference to “Bill: Display Message Box” and to the right of this is the Value column.
5. You can modify the text message pop-up data from this 'Value' field.
How to modify Sentry Rule pop-up message display box
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