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How To Create New User For eClaim With Mitchell Estimating Integration

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TitleHow To Create New User For eClaim With Mitchell Estimating Integration
SummaryHow to Create New User for eClaim with Mitchell Estimating Integration
ObjectiveTo create new user for eClaim with Mitchell Estimating integration
EnvironmentMitchell Estimating, eClaim Manager
Create New User in Mitchell Estimating
  1. Login to Mitchell Estimating using 'MITCHELL' for the user id and password.
  2. Click System Info, Configuration, Configure User Information.  User Manager screen will appear.
  3. Click New.
  4. Enter the User ID. This is what will be used as the USER ID to login for the new user. NOTE: The User ID field allows for a maximum of 9 characters to be used.
  5. Enter the Last Name and First Name of the user and select the desired Authorization Group. The Classification may be left at None.
  6. Enter the desired password to use in the Password and Verify Password fields.
  7. Click OK at the bottom of the User Detail Screen, then click Close on the User Manager Screen.
  8. Click File, Logoff.
  9. Clear the User ID field, and enter the newly created User ID and Password to test access to Mitchell Estimating.
Create New User in eClaim Manager
  1. Log in to eClaim Manager using Administrator for Login Name, and Mitchell for the password.
  2. Click System Setup, User Setup.
  3. Click Add New in the User Setup - Selection dialog.
  4. In the Login Name field, enter the desired user id.
  5. Type the password in the Password and the Confirm Password fields.
  6. Enter the user's first and last name in the fields for First Name and Last Name.
  7. Set the Privilege Level to either Normal or Administrator based on user specific needs.
  8. For the option Create New Folders, select Yes or No to indicate if the new user has the ability to create new folders in eClaim Manager.
  9. For the option Delete Folders, select Yes or No to indicate if the new user has the ability to delete folders in eClaim Manager.
  10. Click the UltraMate tab.
  11. Type the user's login id for Mitchell Estimating in the UltraMate Login field.
  12. Type the password in the Confirm Password and UltraMate Password fields.
  13. Click OK to save changes and finish creating the new user.
  14. Click Close in the User Setup - Selection dialog.
Test Integration between eClaim Manager and Mitchell Estimating
  1. Close and launch eClaim Manager and login using the newly created User Id for Login Name.
  2. Open any folder or create a new one.
  3. Once in the folder, click the toolbar icon for UltraMate (Mitchell Estimating to open an estimate or assignment.
  4. Verify the estimate opened in Mitchell Estimating.
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