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How To Enable ATS To Show On Estimate Printout

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TitleHow To Enable ATS To Show On Estimate Printout
ObjectiveCanadian customer is no longer seeing the ATS Rate printing out on estimates or needs enabled for the first time
EnvironmentWindows 7, 8 and 10 - Ultramate Canadian Installs
  1. Open the System profile(s) that need ATS enabled
    1. System Info drop down
    2. Select System Profiles
    3. Select Profile
  2. Click Modify
  3. On the Labor/Tax Rates tab
    1. Check the Use Tiered Tax
  4. Check the Estimate Print Preview
Additional NotesIs to be used for Canadian Installs only (British Columbia)
URL NameHow-To-Enable-ATS-To-Show-On-Estimate-Printout



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