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How To Export EMS From Mitchell Connect

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TitleHow To Export EMS From Mitchell Connect
SummaryHow to export EMS from Mitchell Connect.
ObjectiveExport EMS files from Mitchell Connect
EnvironmentMitchell Connect
  1. Log into Mitchell Connect.
  2. Open the Job.
  3. In the Estimate card (lower left tile) and select Export EMS.
  4. Browse to the desired directory. This will usually be the management system's import directory.
  5. Select Export.
Additional NotesHow to locate paths in other programs:
For ADP: On the estimate list, select Setup on the left. Have the customer select their default profile. On the left select Options. Select Import.

For CCC: In the top right of CCC, click Configure. Click Machine Settings. Select File Import.

For RepairCenter: In the upper right-hand corner of the window, click More, then click Configuration. Click the File Directories tab.
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