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How To Modify GST and HST Tax Responsibility Amount - MCE

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TitleHow To Modify GST and HST Tax Responsibility Amount - MCE
SummaryOn occasions the customer is responsible for the GST Tax total.
ObjectiveSet the Customer for full responsibility of the GST Tax
EnvironmentMitchell Cloud Estimating
  • Log into MCE (Mitchell Cloud Estimating).
  • Click over to Jobs from the left pane, if not already there.
  • Find and access the job requiring the GST\HST tax responsibility set to the customer.
  • Click into the Insurance card.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the card and expand the Taxes section.
  • Under GST % enter the percentage of responsibility to the customer, (This holds true for HST as well, they are combined within the software)
  • Click Done from top right corner of the window.
(Note: PST Exemption can also be configured here)
Additional Notes
URL NameHow-To-Modify-GST-Tax-Responsibility-Amount---MCE



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