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How To Recover A Deleted Claim

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TitleHow To Recover A Deleted Claim
ObjectiveProvide Instructions for recovering a deleted or reset claim.
WorkCenter Appraisal stores manually deleted and archived claims.  To recover a claim that has been deleted or archived:
1.  Click on More, and select Import
2.  For a reset claim, go to C:\Users\userID\Mitchell\WCAP\ResetClaims.
     For a claim archived from the Completed/Canceled queue, go to c:\Users\userID\Mitchell\WCAP\ArchivedClaims.
3.  Select the folder of the desired claim to recover. 
     a. Folders in the ResetClaims folder will be named the claim number.
     b. Folders in the ArchivedClaims folder will be named the claim number with the time stamp.  Archived claims will need to be unzipped.
4.  Select the mie, and click Open to import the mie from the folder.  After import, the claim will be in the Claim List.
5.  Attach photos and documents from the deleted/archived folder to the claim in the claim list.

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