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How To Start Or Install Mitchell Connect Desktop Agent When "Needs Install" Banner Is Displayed

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TitleHow To Start Or Install Mitchell Connect Desktop Agent When "Needs Install" Banner Is Displayed
SummaryMitchell Connect Desktop Agent needs to be installed before users can export or import EMS files.
ObjectiveStart or Install the MitchellDesktopAgent.UI to allow Mitchell Connect, Mitchell Cloud Estimating to export and import EMS.
EnvironmentMitchell Connect, Mitchell Cloud Estimating
Start Mitchell Connect Agent
  1. Click Start Menu or Push Ctrl + Esc.
  2. Click All Programs.
  3. Scroll down to and select Mitchell International.
  4. Click Mitchell Connect.
If Mitchell Connect is missing from Mitchell International folder, proceed with the following steps to install Mitchell Connect Agent.
  1. Click Yellow (Mitchell Connect) or Orange (Mitchell Cloud Estimating) banner to Initiate Setup Estimate Utility.
  2. Click Start Setup, on the next page click Download.
  3. After the MitchellDesktopAgent.UI downloads, click on the Executable file to start the install of the desktop utility.
  4. When the install completes it will refresh the Mitchell Connect/ Mitchell Cloud Estimating and the banner will disappear, and the user will now be able to export or import any EMS files.

*If you are continuously prompted to install the desktop agent and see "Needs install," it's possible that Mitchell Connect Desktop agent is being run as Administrator and the mapped drive does not exist under the Administrator ID. Please use the map drive as Administrator (only if needed) portion of this article  
Additional NotesAfter updating Ultramate or repairing Ultramate databases customer will need to restart Mitchell Connect agent.
For best result please install Desktop Utility with local administrator privileges.
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