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How To Update Glassmate Multi-User on the Server

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TitleHow To Update Glassmate Multi-User on the Server
ObjectiveTo load the Glassamte Multi-User Update on the Server
EnvironmentWindows Server Glassmate Multiuser Update
Running the Glassmate update via DVD. For Multi-User, this must be performed at the server only.

1. Make sure no Glassmate workstations are open.
2.Insert the Glassmate DVD in the drive. If the setup program does not start automatically.
3.Click the Windows start menu
4. Open Computer or Explorer to verify the DVD drive letter.
5.In the Windows Run or Search box, type X:\Setup.exe (where "x" simply represents the DVD drive letter)
6.Hit Enter
7.Follow the default installation prompts
8.Click Finish to complete the update.
Additional NotesClients can be installed by browsing to the servers GMShare folder and running the setup.exe. The DVD is NEVER used on Client installs.
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