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How To: Update Mitchell Diagnostics

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TitleHow To: Update Mitchell Diagnostics
ObjectiveInstructions for updating Mitchell Diagnostics. Mitchell Diagnostics updates are normally released each quarter.
EnvironmentMD-200, MD-350, VCI
NOTE: Before completing the update, it is recommended to connect Mitchell Diagnostics to a Wi-Fi network and to a wall power adapter or charging station and install the update after hours since the scan tool will be inoperable during the duration of the install.
  • Updating the MD-200 and MD-350
  1. Power on Mitchell Diagnostics.
  2. Select Settings within the Main Menu.  Settings window will open.
  3. Select Software Update on the left-pane window. 
  4. Select Check for Updates.  If an update is found, Mitchell Diagnostics will begin downloading the update which can take several minutes.  Mitchell Diagnostics can scan vehicles during the duration of the download.
  5. When the update finishes downloading, select Install Update.  Installing the update can take several minutes and vehicles cannot be scanned during this time.
  6. After the update installs, the Mitchell Diagnostics will restart.
  • Updating the VCI for the MD-350
Occasionally the VCI must be updated after the MD-350 update is installed. This requires going into the VCI Connection Manager window (Rectangle icon on bottom-right of main menu screen) in the MD-350, then the VCI needs to be connected to both the MD-350 via VCI cable and to the wall power adapter. Click 'Retry' and then when prompted, click 'Update' in the VCI Connection Manager window to download and install the update which takes a few minutes. Afterwards, the VCI and MD-350 will be updated and paired. See Article Mitchell Diagnostics: VCI Connection Manager "Version Mismatch"

If using the VCI to re-flash the ECU of a vehicle, then the latest version of the J2534 driver can be downloaded and installed onto a PC, which can be found here:

For more information regarding the update, release notes can be accessed by going into their Mitchell Diagnostics: Settings > Software Information > Release Notes.
Additional Notes
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