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How To Update Ultramate for Single User When Using DVD

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TitleHow To Update Ultramate for Single User When Using DVD
SummaryHow to install Ultramate for single-user when using DVD
ObjectiveHow to install Ultramate for single-user when using DVD
EnvironmentWindows 7 Professional and up, Ultramate 7.1 single-user
Update Ultramate Single-User via DVD
  1. Insert the DVD into the DVD drive.  If the setup program does not start automatically, run autorun.exe from the DVD.
  2. On the Resource Guide dialog box, you can click links to product-related documents. (A PDF viewer is required.)  When ready to proceed, click Install Ultramate.
  • If prompted to install required items, click Install.  If prompted, click Allow.
  1. On the Welcome dialog box, click Next.
  • If prompted with the License Agreement dialog box, read the agreement, click I accept the terms in the license agreement, the click Next.
  • If prompted with the Backup Data Information dialog box, click Backup user data (strongly recommented) or Do not backup user data then click Next. (You must click one.)  
  1. On the Ready to Install the Program dialog box, click Install. The message Installing Ultramate appears, and Setup begins transferring files. If prompted, click Allow.  
  2. On the Setup Complete dialog box, leave the Copy Services to the Hard Drive check box selected.
  3. Click Finish. If prompted, click Continue.
  4. Mitchell Communications Manager (MCM) installation begins. When it finishes, the Mitchell Communications window opens (and the program icon appears in the system tray).  
  5. Leave the DVD in the drive and click Yes to begin copy services.
  6. Click OK when copying services is completed.
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