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How To Update Or Copy Vehicle Database For Truckest To The Hard Drive

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TitleHow To Update Or Copy Vehicle Database For Truckest To The Hard Drive
ObjectiveMake the hard drive the source of the estimate data instead of instead of the DVD.
EnvironmentTruck Estimating.
  1. Launch TruckEst from the Start menu or the desktop shortcut.
  2. Click the CD button on the toolbar.
  3. Click the Database Locations option then click Yes.
  4. Select the Copy to your Hard Drive option then click the traffic lights button.
  5. Verify the boxes next to Index and Data are checked.
  6. Click the traffic lights button.
  7. When prompted "Would you like to load vehicle data on disk", click Yes.
  8. When prompted "TruckEst has detected a newer Vehicle Database", click Yes.
  9. When prompted "Database Locations/Copying is Completed", click OK.
  10. Restart TruckEst.

Note: If you are still receiving a message stating that the database has expired, please call Mitchell Customer Care Department at 1-800-448-4401 for assistance with re-registering the database.

Note: When a customer calls in to reregister TruckEst please copy over the DB to HD to make sure the database is updated.

Additional Notes
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