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How to Add Employees in Shop Clock

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TitleHow to Add Employees in Shop Clock
ObjectiveTo provide instructions on adding an employee in Shop Clock.
EnvironmentRepairCenter, Shop Clock
Note: Employees that are listed in RepairCenter will appear in the Shop Clock list only if he/she has the appropriate permission to use the Shop Clock. A technician must also have Payroll Rates set up. Permissions are set in the Application Access > Security Groups tab.

To access employee permission to add Shop Clock access, do the following in RepairCenter:
1.  Click on the More drop down menu and click Configuration.
2.  Click Application access tab, then click Employees sub tab.
3.  Click on the employee name that needs to appear in the Shop Clock list. 
4.  Click the Permissions sub tab in the bottom half of the window. 
5.  Click the Technician System Group for a technician.
     Note: A technician will be able to clock into both RO and non-RO activities.
        -Do not select a security group if the technician will not be using the Shop Clock
6. Click Shop Clock System Group.

To Setup Payroll Rates do the following:
1.  Follow the above steps 1-3 
2.  Click Payroll Rates sub tab and enter the pay rates for each Profit Center on the list. 

Refer to Mitchell RepairCenter Help documents for demo's or further instructions on setting up and using Shop Clock. 
In the RepairCenter help docs the demo's and instructions are located at Shop Setup and Administration > Production Settings > Shop Clock.

To learn how to access RepairCenter Help files refer to article  "How to access RepairCenter Help Files for general process information and how to's"
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