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How to Change to Classic View in WCAP.

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TitleHow to Change to Classic View in WCAP.
SummaryUser is requesting to view his estimate in Classic View instead of Full View, without having to click the Toggle Graphic View.
ObjectiveTo open WCAP without having to click the Toggle Graphic View every time the estimates are opened when user prefers a different view Classic or Full.
EnvironmentAll UltraMate and WCAP

Refer to Articles http://WCAP: How to Unembed UltraMate  to use the Unembbed_UltraMate.txt tool attached to Article.   
And Article http://How to switch between Classic View and Full View

  1. Exit WorkCenter Appraisal.
  2. In the System Tray. Right click WCAp icon, Click Exit WCAp.
  3. Transfer the attached .txt file, Unembed_Ultramate.txt, to the coumputer.
  4.  After transfer, rename the .txt file to Unembed_Ultramate.bat.
  5.  Run the bat file on the Computer to un-embed UltraMate. The script will un-embed UltraMate and launch standalone UltraMate.
  6. Login to UltraMate, and open an estimate.
  7. Click the View menu.
  8. Click Classic View. This will show the Classic View.
  9. Then Exit UltraMate. 
  10. Launch WorkCenter Appraisal.
  11. When open the estimate it will show in the Classic View.
Additional Notes
URL NameHow-to-Change-to-Classic-View-in-WCAP



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