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How to Create a Job without an Assignment

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TitleHow to Create a Job without an Assignment
SummaryShop has received an email to upload a claim via Mitchell Connect . The Insurance Company will not be creating an Appraisal Assignment. Shop has been requested by the Insurance Carrier to create an new Job in Mitchel Connect sothat they may download the assignment and Add the completed estimate.
ObjectiveCreating a new Job in Mitchell Connect without an Appraisal Assignment.
  1. On the Jobs page, click the arrow next to + Job, and then click + Job Enable Sent to Insurance.
  2. The New Job - Enable Send to Insurance window appears.
  3. On the New Job - Enable Send to Insurance window, select Mercury Insurance Group in the Insurer list.
  4. Enter the claim number and the insured's last name in the corresponding fields.
  5. Enter the date of loss in the Date of Loss field or use the calendar to select the date.
  6. Click Continue. The New Job page appears.
  7. Enter the customer's information, and then click Save & Next.
  8. Enter vehicle information:
    1. Enter the VIN or click the Manual Select check box and use the Look-up boxes to find the Type, Year, Make, Model, etc.
    2. Enter vehicle detail and color information in the corresponding fields.
    3. Enter additional equipment as needed.
  9. Select the points of impact, drivability, prior damage
  10. Click Save & Next.
  11. Enter insurance claim information.
  12. Click Done
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