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WCAP: How to Delete or Remove a Claim from the Open List

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TitleWCAP: How to Delete or Remove a Claim from the Open List
ObjectiveProvides instructions for deleting or removing a claim from the Open Claim List
  1. To delete a claim that does not have a committed estimate, open the claim and click Delete Claim Record in the left navigation panel.

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2. If the user is trying to get the claim out of their Open queue and A) the claim does not contain an estimate OR B) user receives a supplement assignment and has not added an estimate, they can change the claim status to ‘Complete, No Estimate’ and the claim will move to the Completed/Canceled tab.
  1. Open the claim.
  2. Go to the Overview tab.
  3. Click the Change button in the Inspection Details section.
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     d.  Select Complete, No Estimate, and click Done.
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        e.  If there are any unsent attachments, user will be prompted to send them. 

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                          f.  Select Send or Do Not Send the attachments.  
Claim will move to Completed/Canceled tab
If the claim does not meet any of the above criteria, then use the Reset Claim utility.  
How to Reset a Claim
Additional Notes
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