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How to Import a Supplement for a Repair Order

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TitleHow to Import a Supplement for a Repair Order
SummaryHow to Import a Supplement for a Repair Order
ObjectiveTo explain the process of importing or accepting a supplement in RepairCenter

When a repair order has a new supplement, the E (Estimate Revision) column on the Whiteboard tab displays .

  1. On the toolbar, click Jobs, then click Whiteboard.
  2. On the Whiteboard tab, click to select the appropriate repair order.
  3. Click Accept Supplement.
  4. In the Accept Supplement dialog box, under Accepting Supplement, do one of the following:
  • To merge the supplement with the estimate, click Merge (replace only Repair Lines, Totals, and Rates).

  • To replace the estimate with the supplement, click Replace (replaces Admin, Repair Lines, Totals, and Rates).

    Note: The supplement will overwrite the information on the Admin tab.

  1. Click Accept Supplement to import the supplement and return to the Whiteboard tab.

This information can also be found in the RepairCenter Help Files along with a how to demo, by searching for "import a supplement" or you can use the direct link below:

RepairCenter Help - Importing a Supplement

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