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How to Migrate The GlassMate Database From One Computer to Another for a Single User Installation

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TitleHow to Migrate The GlassMate Database From One Computer to Another for a Single User Installation
ObjectiveHow to migrate the Glassmate customer invoice database from one computer to another for a Single User installation.
EnvironmentSingle User Windows machines.
On the existing computer:
  1. Open Glassmate.
  2. From the System Info menu, click Activation. Note the Serial Number and click Cancel.
  3. Close Glassmate.
  4. Uninstall GlassMate from the existing computer.
  5. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the C:\ProgramData\Mitchell\Glassmate\DB folder.
  6. Locate and right-click the file gm_invce.mdb.
  7. Click Copy.
  8. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to a backup location.  This is usually a USB drive.
  9. Right click in the location you wish to use as your backup folder and click Paste.
  10. The gm_invce.mdb file will now be backed up to that location.
On the new computer:
  1. Using Windows Explorer, create the folder C:\ProgramData\Mitchell\GlassMate\DB.
  2. Insert the USB thumb drive (or your backup media used in the above step #8) into the new computer.
  3. Navigate to that backup location.
  4. Right click on gm_invce.mdb and click Copy.
  5. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the C:\ProgramData\Mitchell\GlassMate\DB folder created in step 1.
  6. Right click in this window, and click Paste.
  7. The gm_invce.mdb file is now copied into the correct location on the new computer.
  8. Install Glassmate onto the new computer.
  9. During the installation, do not change the installation path and click the option to Use Existing Database option when prompted.
  10. Contact NAGS customer service to activate GlassMate on the new computer. They can be reached by calling 1-800-551-4012, and following the options to reach customer service. Provide the serial number of both the new and old computers so that they can discontinue the serial number of the old computer and provide the activation code for the new computer.
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