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How to Verify or Add a Dispatch Center to a Resource in WorkCenter Carrier Management

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TitleHow to Verify or Add a Dispatch Center to a Resource in WorkCenter Carrier Management
SummaryHow to add or verify a resource Dispatch Center setting.
ObjectiveProvide instructions to walk a user through assigning or verifying a Dispatch Center for a Shop or Staff Resource in WorkCenter.
EnvironmentWorkCenter Carrier Management, WorkCenter Assignment
Steps to Verify, Add or Change a Dispatch Center to a resource in WorkCenter.  User will need Carrier Management Admin Privileges. 

How to Verify:
  1. In WorkCenter, click on Manage menu and select Resources
  2. Select the appropriate Resource Type
  3. Set Dispatch Center field blank. 
  4. Enter the User ID or Name of the resource and click Search
  5. Hover over Resource Name and click Edit
  6. Click on Relationships under Resource Detail section. 
  7. Section Associated Dispatch Center will show (0) or (1).  (0) indicates No Dispatch Center has been assigned.  
  8. If (1) Click the + sign to expand section.
How to Add or Change Dispatch Center:
  1. Follow How to Verify steps above.
  2. Click on Add Relationship button on the Associated Dispatch Center bar. 
  3. Click on Choose Dispatch Center
  4. Enter Dispatch Center Name in Name (or partial name) and click Search (If Name unknown, click Search). 
  5. Click Option Button next to desired Dispatch Center, and click on Save
  6. Click Save and Close.
Note:  Users can only be associated to one Dispatch Center.  
Additional NotesIn order to change to another you have to delete the one by clicking the circle next to the current one he has and click delete relationship button. Then you can add the correct dispatch center.
URL NameHow-to-Verify-or-Add-a-Dispatch-Center-to-a-Resource-in-WorkCenter-Carrier-Management



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