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How to configure Part Price Change (PPC) to send from RC to Ultramate and Mitchell Cloud Estimating

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TitleHow to configure Part Price Change (PPC) to send from RC to Ultramate and Mitchell Cloud Estimating
SummaryConfigure PPCs path to receive Parts Price Changes (PPC) from RepairCenter to Ultramate and Mitchell Cloud Estimating.
ObjectiveSend PPC from RepairCenter to Ultramate or Mitchell Cloud Estimating.
EnvironmentRepairCenter, UltraMate, Mitchell Cloud Estimating

RepairCenter Configuration for PPC

  1. In RepairCenter click More > Configuration > Shop Setup > File Directories. 
  2. Set the Estimating System EMS Import Directories to Send PPCs to X:\CIECA\MITCHELL\IMPORT where X is the install / share drive (or match the estimating system's EMS import path).

Set or verify import path in Ultramate to import PPCs

  1. Click System Info and select Preferences.
  2. Click the Import/Export which default to the Import settings.
  3. Click on EMS Import and Export radio button.
  4. Set the Enable EMS Import path to X:\CIECA\MITCHELL\IMPORT where X is the install / share drive (This is the default directory but may be a custom path).
(NOTE: When opening an estimate that has PPC EMS files generated from RepairCenter, it will now prompt to import them if they exist upon opening the estimate.)

Set the EMS Import path in Mitchell Cloud Estimating to pick up PPCs (no auto import)

  1. Sign In Mitchell Cloud Estimating and open the job you wish to import a PPC.
  2. From within the Estimate card in the Job Overview, click to open the estimate.
  3. Click either the Estimate or Preview tabs on the left side.
  4. From the upper right corner of the screen, click the down arrow to the right of Export EMS.
  5. Click View Import/Export Settings
  6. Click Import Settings tab above.
  7. Select the desired path by clicking on Select Folder and navigate to the desired folder.
  8. Click Save when finished.
(NOTE: when sending PPC from RepairCenter, go into the estimate in Mitchell Cloud Estimating, and above you will see a button to review available PPCs, where you may select or de-select desired PPCs for this job)
Additional Notes
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