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Mitchell Diagnostics: How To Run a "Read DTCs All Systems" Scan to Receive Scan Reports

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TitleMitchell Diagnostics: How To Run a "Read DTCs All Systems" Scan to Receive Scan Reports
SummarySteps on how to run a Read DTCs All Systems scan when using either the MD-200 or MD-350 scan tools. This scan allows the user to receive the Mitchell Diagnostic's scan report via email.
ObjectiveRun the Read DTCs All Systems scan for a vehicle and automatically receive the Mitchell Diagnostics Scan Report PDF via E-mail and Mitchell Connect.
Only the "Read DTCs All Systems" scan will automatically send the All System DTC Scan Report .PDF file to a registered email address.  Any other scans or tests will not send an automatic email from the scan tool.
  1. Plug MD-200 or MD-350's VCI Adapter scan tool into vehicles ODB-2 connector.
  2. When Activate light is green, press Select Vehicle.
  3. Select Start Auto ID to find VIN and available diagnostics tests (Note: VINs cannot be found for vehicles prior to 2004.  To find the VIN, select “Enter New Vehicle,” and select as appropriate).
  4. Select Engine to go back into the main menu.
  5. Select Read DTCs All Systems to scan vehicle.
  6. When scanning is complete, press the Green Arrow to access Summary screen.
  7. Check if your scan tool is connected to Wi-Fi. When connected to Wi-Fi, an email will be sent containing the diagnostics scan result .PDF file. 
  8. Press the Home Icon to start a new scan.
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