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RepairCenter How to Close a RepairOrder

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TitleRepairCenter How to Close a RepairOrder
ObjectiveTo Close a Repair Order within RepairCenter
  1. Confirm WebStatus information is complete.
  2. On the Toolbar, click Accounting, and then click Sales.
  3. On the Sales tab, click to select the repair order.
  4. Click Close Job.
  5. In the Enter Close Date dialog box, click the Close Date arrow to choose a date.
  6. Click Save.
  • In any messages about missing actions or information that may appear, click Yes to continue closing the repair order (or click No to cancel).
To confirm the repair order was closed:
  1. In the Jobs list, click Closed.
  2. Click the Date between arrows to choose a date range that includes today (the day the repair order was closed).
  3. Click Apply Filter. The closed repair order appears on the list of repair orders.
Additional NotesThe help documents in RepairCenter also give the walk-through as well as further information
URL NameRepairCenter-How-to-Close-an-RO



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