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Tac Aid How to Fix an Invalid Start Page in WorkCenter

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TitleTac Aid How to Fix an Invalid Start Page in WorkCenter
SummarySetting or fixing your WorkCenter Start Page.
ObjectiveSteps to provide a user instruction on how to change their start page. If you get an error as soon as you log into WorkCenter it may be your start page setting.
EnvironmentWorkCenter Common Functions

Users start page is the page that displays after logging into WorkCenter.   This page can be changed via the My Account feature.
Steps to fix an invalid Start Page:
If you are able to login but then gets an error it might be your start page is invalid:

After the error occurs, paste one of the URLS below into address and press the enter key.  (If one doesn't work try the other)
You can now follow the steps above to change users Start Page.
Additional Notes
URL NameTac-Aid-How-to-fix-an-invalid-Start-Page-in-WorkCenter



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