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Rhode Island - HB 7231 - Automobile Accident Compensation Corporation Act

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TitleRhode Island - HB 7231 - Automobile Accident Compensation Corporation Act
StateRhode Island
Source Published Date1/18/2018
StatusAdministrative Review
I - HB 7231 - Introduced to House Corporations on January 18, 2018 and referred to House Finance on February 13, 2018. 

STATUS - Committee transferred to House Finance on February 13, 2018. No further action at this time.

SECTION 1. Title 40 of the General Laws entitled "HUMAN SERVICES" is hereby amended by adding thereto the following chapter: 

Chapter 23  An Act - Related to Human Services - Rhode Island Automobile Accident Compensation Corporation Act 

This act if passed, would create an accident compensation fund to provide payments and benefits to persons injured by uninsured motorists, to be administered by the automobile accident compensation corporation. 

In Summary: 
The act establishes a "Board"  and a corporation for seeing to the enforcement of the provisions of Chapter 23 and the application of benefits. The act defines beneficiaries, compensation for loss of income due to disability or death, Medical-hospital payment benefits, Claims, Tort and related items, examination, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries, finding of fact, proceedings to facilitate the investigation and award claims, proceedings of claim awards appeals and establishes duties of the executive director and powers of the corporation plus financing.

Line of BusinessAuto 1st Party
Effective Date1/18/2018
Service TypeBill Review
URL NameRhode-Island-HB-7231-Automobile-Accident-Compensation-Corporation-Act



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