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Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control Bar - Chain Style

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TitleWeight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control Bar - Chain Style
Part Detailed Description
Aftermarket Part -Towing Product Commonly Used for RVs and Some Cargo and Utility Trailers.  Designed to Keep the Trailer Weight Steady for the Vehicle Towing it.
This Part is Easily Distinguished by the Chains that are used to support the bars on Saddle Brackets mounted to the frame of the Travel Trailer or the Cargo or Utility Trailer.  Commonly sold as a Kit with a Friction Type Sway Control Bar (Flat Plate with a handle that mounts between the Hitch Mount on the Vehicle and the Side of the Frame on the Trailer).  Not to be Confused with the Equal-I-zer Brand Name Hitch, much less expensive.  Marketed as a Weight Hitch, WD Hitch or Weight Distribution System with Sway Control.  Prices may vary by Brand Name, if a Brand Name is Provided, Please Research the Average Amount.  Some are Inexpensive, Some Could be a Bit Higher.  All of the Systems work the Same and serve the same Basic Purpose


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Value Range$207.00 - $255.00
Vehicle TypeRV; Trailer
Part Manufacturer/BrandMany Manufacturers - Please Research Brand Name if Provided
Part NameWeight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control Bar - Chain Style
URL NameWeight-Distribution-Hitch-with-Sway-Control-Bar-Chain-Style



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