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Michigan 1st Party Auto - Veterans Affairs Enrollment + No-Fault Auto Insurance

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TitleMichigan 1st Party Auto - Veterans Affairs Enrollment + No-Fault Auto Insurance
SummaryVeterans Affairs (VA) benefits are not considered qualified health care (QHC) for purposes of making no-fault coverage choices under Public Acts 21 and 22 of 2019.
Source Published Date9/2/2020
Bulletin 2020-37-INS 
Veterans Affairs Enrollment and No-Fault Auto Insurance 
Issued / Entered September 2, 2020

DIFS has received inquiries from veterans and their dependents who use the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as their primary health care provider regarding whether enrollment in VA benefits is considered to be Qualified Health Coverage for (QHC) purposes of no-fault auto coverage. This bulletin advises veterans and their dependents that enrollment in VA benefits does not qualify as QHC because it excludes or limits coverage for injuries related to motor vehicle accidents. 

VA is a health care provider and does not provide health insurance. As a provider, VA has limited authority to reimburse veterans for emergency care in a non-VA facility, even when veterans who are injured in a motor vehicle accident need emergency care in such a facility. As a result, not all enrolled veterans would be eligible for reimbursement for automobile injury related care provided by a non-VA facility. Because of this limitation on reimbursement for care related to motor vehicle accidents, VA enrollment does not qualify as QHC.
Line of businessAuto 1st Party
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