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Locating RV Factory Brochures for OEM and Aftermarket Part Verification

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TitleLocating RV Factory Brochures for OEM and Aftermarket Part Verification
Business UnitAPD
Functional AreaSpecialty Vehicle Valuation, SVV
  • Process – Locate and Confirm the Loss Vehicle Factory Brochure for an RV if possible.
   Factory Brochures are the Final Confirmation for Aftermarket Parts -vs- OEM Parts.   NADA is very unreliable in confirming OEM or Aftermarket components on an RV.  Many items listed by NADA Online are not correct, on the example below, NADA Lists a Cassette Stereo as being OEM when this was not even available as an option.  For later model RVs, and high value Motorhomes, locating a factory brochure for both the Loss Vehicle and the Comparables use is Critical to an accurate valuation.  Please note on brochures, many Packages such as 'Value Packages' 'Cold Weather Packages' or 'Customer Convenience Packages' are listed as Mandatory or OEM/Optional - which is Factory Code for 'Every RV Built has it' so please do not try and value a component or package that is part of the OEM Build.  Keep this in mind if the Loss Vehicle owner or the Adjuster sends a 'Home Built' NADA Valuation page with the Claim either New or with a Revision.  Per Methodology, we must Note and Verify all provided AMPs, even if they are OEM and add no Value. 

Tip:  If there is room on the Common Adjustment line of the Claim, feel free to drop a link to the Brochure for Customer Visibility.  This will allow them to access and verify the Brochure on their own and hopefully avoid a Revision. 

  • Search Google with these Keywords = 2010 Keystone Springdale Brochure PDF”
  • Year, Manufacturer, Sub Model Brochure PDF - Use this Format for the Search, 'PDF' at the end of the search narrows it down quite a bit.  Many Brochures, even from Manufacturers that are no longer in Business are hosted on Cached Dealer Websites.  They are Still OK to use.

   On the Example Above, Multiple Brochures were located, but try and use an actual PDF of the Brochure for any Reference.  If the Source is the Manufacturer, Please use this Source as the Default.  Do Not use a Build Sheet constructed by a Dealer that shows pricing, this is usually a sales tool to artificially add value to a Comparable to help with the sale.  Dealers commonly use this as a misleading practice as part of a used or new RV sale.  
  • Results = Sourced Brochure (Located on Cloudfront, Common Host Site)

On this Example, I am trying to Determine the Actual Existence of a CD/DVD Stereo and a TV
  Notice ‘Deluxe Entertainment Center’/ listed as a Standard/Mandatory component (along with a 26 In LCD TV and many other OEM items and components) – Per Photos in Brochure, CD/DVD Stereo (See the DVDs stacked on the shelf?)  Read the massive list of Features, it is quite thorough and leaves zero room for missing OEM –vs- AMP. 

User-added image

Per the Factory Brochure, you can clearly see the TV and the DVD Player

User-added image

  This Process will work for just about any RV, Towable or Motorized.  If you are having difficulty locating a Brochure, please feel free to contact an SME for assistance 

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