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State by State COVID-19 Regulatory Information

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State by State Dashboard    05/12/2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated an unprecedented volume of regulatory updates. To help our customers stay informed, the Regulatory Compliance Management team continues to update Mitchell Compliance Connection with regulatory updates related to COVID-19 on a regular basis.

 To help you sort through all of the information and easily find what you need, the team has now compiled those updates into a state-by-state grid, which provides an overview of state and topic specific information. Each line item in the grid has an associated Mitchell Compliance Connection article, which users can find on the site by searching for the keyword provided in the grid.

 To locate an article using the grid, follow these instructions:

 Search for a specific article:

1.       Filter the Jurisdictional/Legislative sub-menu on Compliance Connection to the state that you’re looking for information on.

2.       Using the grid, identify the keyword provided for the line item you are referencing.

3.       Perform a search query on Compliance Connection using that keyword. These steps will take you directly to the article you are looking for.


Search for all articles related to a specific topic:

1.       Choose “ALL” as your Jurisdictional/Legislative filter.

2.       To find all of the articles related to a specific topic, such as telehealth or telemedicine, enter the keyword (i.e. telehealth, telemedicine) in the keyword search bar.

 Color Coding

For easy viewing, we have also color-coded the table below by topic. Please reference this guide as you use the table to quickly find articles related to a certain category or subject.

·       Light blue: Telemedicine
·       Light green: Leniency
·       Grey: Pharmac
·       Light orange: Coding changes
·       Yellow: Presumption


 As information and updates continue to come in to the Regulatory Compliance Management team, articles are added as they are published and the grid will be updated at the end of each day. Our Client Services Team is ready and available to help address any additional questions you may have.

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TitleState by State COVID-19 Regulatory Information
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