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How To Mark an Estimate as Final

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TitleHow To Mark an Estimate as Final
SummaryHow to mark an estimate as a final bill
Some insurance companies require estimates to be marked as Final for payment once a job is completed.
EnvironmentUltraMate, Mitchell Cloud Estimating, Mitchell Connect
It is necessary to mark an estimate as Final to receive payment from some insurance companies.
UltraMate Steps:
  1. Open estimate.
  2. Click the Admin tab.
  3. Click the Job Information tab.
  4. Enable Final Submitted. Today's date will appear in the Date field. NOTE: Estimate will appear as FINAL in the upper right hand corner of the estimate printout or print preview.
  5. From the File menu, click Commit

Mitchell Cloud Estimating Steps:
  1. Click on estimate in Estimate card.
  2. Click Write Supplement if no pending supplement exists.
  3. Click PDF Preview.
  4. Click Mark As Final button.
  5. Commit estimate and return to Job Overview page.
  6. Click Send button.
NOTE: After clicking Send, Mitchell Connect will show a check next to: FINAL in the confirmation screen.
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